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PepperBall Expands Their Support to the Private Security Industry

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PepperBall®, a world leader in powerful, safe and effective non-lethal personal defense solutions, has announced it will offer its extensive line of products as well as its unrivaled expert training to the growing private security industry.

Driven by a need to protect individuals as well as property, private security professionals are in high demand as discord, unrest, and threat levels around the world continue to climb. The need to protect businesses, organizations, institutions, and people, as well as sensitive information and intellectual property, has largely contributed to the proliferation of an industry where PepperBall technologies can offer security professionals effective defense de-escalation solutions with increased safety.

"Private security is a category that has been growing at a rapid pace," said Ben Larson, Director of Consumer Sales at PepperBall and United Tactical Systems. "We're excited to support the professionals in private security with our non-lethal technologies where we're able to offer our renowned training programs and access to our full catalog of PepperBall launchers and projectiles."

To properly support the private security industry, a new PepperBall Private Security Program has been developed from the ground up to address the unique needs and nuances of a security professional's line of work. From high value product bundles to exclusive membership discounts to the newly-designed Operational Product Training courses – the program is distinctly crafted to meet the needs of most security organizations.

With its solutions for the private security and law enforcement sectors as well as everyday consumers, PepperBall leads the way in offering safer options for all customers to be prepared for the expected and the unexpected. PepperBall is the most versatile and powerful non-lethal technology on the market with a proven track record for not only earning trust amongst its users but also fulfilling more missions safely.

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