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Live SD™ Projectiles


The live PepperBall® round contains 2.0% PAVA. It is effective for direct impact and area saturation when there is no line of sight. 

PAVA is based on one of the hottest of the six capsaicinoids found in pepper plants. PepperBall products contain only safe, pure, non-oil based PAVA and are non-flammable. Ingredient consistency ensures each projectile operates with
quality and effectiveness.

Packaging jar color may vary from image

*Products with live PAVA may not be shipped to CA, MA, or NY*

  • Ultrasonically welded
  • Shell color indicates payload
  • 100% water proof
  • Operational temperature of -30°F–150°F
  • 10 Live SD PepperBall Projectiles
  • 2.0% PAVA
  • Non-flammable
Caliber .68
Weight 3 gram
Payload 2.5 gram
Shelf Life 3 years